Other Services

Avisena Care (Home Care)

A continuous service offered to Avisena’s customers starting from their day of discharge until they went home. It is a value added services to engage our customers and to build a long lasting relationship between Avisena and our customers

Our Objective

    1. To reduce length of hospital stay
    2. To ensure customer continue treatment at home as per doctor’s instruction
    3. To reduce customer’s burden to come frequently to hospital for a treatment which can be carried at home
    4. To engage and build a long lasting relationship with our customers

Our Services

Post Natal Visit
  • Physical Examination
  • Vitals sign checking
  • Episiotomy/ Caesar wound inspection
  • Breast Feeding Consultation
  • Health Teaching – wound care, ambulation, water intake, etc
Neonatal Care
  • Vitals sign checking
  • Physical examination
  • Bathing Technique
  • Health Teaching
  • Jaundice Assessment
  • Feeding & Lactation
Post Surgery Care
  • Medication Compliance
  • Ambulation & exercise
  • Wound inspection & dressing
  • Vital signs
  • check
  • Stoma Care
  • Nutrition Guideline
Home Monitoring
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Blood Sugar Monitoring
Paediatric Visit
  • Home Quarantine Visit – Chicken Pox, Measles, Hand Foot Mouth Disease
  • Nebulizer at home – monitor improvement or severity of the case
Geriatric Visit
  • Basic Care Education
  • Nutritional Advice by Dietician
  • Pressure Sore Assessment & Prevention
  • Doctor’s visit for routine check-up (bedridden/stroke/palliative case)
  • Tubes Insertion & Change
    • Feeding tube
    • Urine catheter
  • Transport arrangement for follow up
Palliative Care
  • Personal Hygiene & Mouth Care
  • Pain Management
  • Companionship
  • Appetite & Fluid Intake
  • Comfort & Rest
  • Bowel & Bladder Care
Dietician Consultation
  • Determine clients nutrition risk:
    • *Diabetic/Hypertension
    • *Hypercholesterolemia
    • *Post Natal
    • *Post CABG
  • Dietician support assessment
  • Diet Guidelines as per diagnosis/condition
  • Ask Our Dietician
Transport & Escort Services

If you or your love ones is having difficulty to get a transport or no one to accompany you for your appointment to see our Specialist, we provide transport from your home to our hospital on your appointment date. You just call our Avisena Care staff to arrange it.

Rental of Equipments

Various type of equipment are available for you to rent, such as:

  • Dinamap for blood pressure monitoring
  • Pulse Oxymeter for oxygen level monitoring
  • Nebulizer machines for adult and children
  • Wheelchair

We also can assist you in buying medical equipment to be used at home like medical bed, Ripple Mattress, Oxygen Concentrator and other medical apparatus

Service Hours:     
  • Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 4.30pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 8.30am – 12.30pm
  • Public Holidays: Closed

Contact Information: