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May 9, 2022

Avisena bags 2022 Specialty Hospital of the Year trophy

The hospital provides world-class women health and children care in the region.

AVISENA Women’s & Children’s Specialist Hospital (AWCSH), a premier medical institution in Malaysia, was recognised at the 2022 Healthcare Asia Awards, earning the title of Specialty Hospital of the Year.

The healthcare institution was awarded the Women’s and Children’s Specialty Hospital of the Year trophy for its top-notch approach by delivering world-class hospitality with first-class comfort.

AVISENA Women’s & Children’s Specialist Hospital, was responsible for providing advanced medical services in Malaysia and was the first private hospital of its kind, committing itself to serve niche care and treatment of women and children. This commitment was embodied in the company’s establishment of the 140 beds, 4 NICU, 3 ICU and 9 HDU within 19 storey hospital facility in Shah Alam, Selangor, designed to meet all its patients’ healthcare needs.

With over 80 of multidisciplinary consultants available, AWCSH also provides pediatric orthopaedic, pediatric surgery, neonatology, urogynaecology, gynae-oncology, maternal-foetal medicine, and pediatric adolescent gynaecology services. The hospital has a Child Development Center, a one-stop centre that provides comprehensive interdisciplinary assessment and intervention for children with special needs.

Avisena built its reputation by successfully addressing the sensitive medical concerns of its patients. One particular area the hospital has been known for was its advanced approach to fertility care. The hospital employed the highest medical, scientific and academic standards to provide their patients with a safe journey to parenthood.

“Avisena Fertility offers an integrated approach to diagnosis and treatment of fertility, related disorders and has the most advanced IVF (In vitro fertilisation) laboratory featuring an incubation system that allows real-time observation of embryo development with Time-Lapse and EmbryoScope-Timelapse,” Siti Tettie Mohyi – CEO of AVISENA Women’s & Children’s Specialist Hospital said. “Avisena Fertility is one of the few clinics in Malaysia to offer this technology,” Siti Tettie Mohyi added.

The medical institution further mentioned that the high-success rate of the innovative approach used by their specialists helped them deliver the best outcome to their patients. Because of this, the hospital has been chosen by the Tunku Azizah Fertility Foundation (TAFF) as a partner hospital for its cause.

Another major service provided by Avisena is their advanced paediatric plastic surgery, helping children who encountered life-changing accidents recover their appearance and functionality through reconstructive surgery.

The healthcare institution explained that the primary objective of this service was not simply to enhance aesthetics, but more importantly, to help children improve their quality of life after recovery.

“Even mild burns can leave scars, and persons who have been burnt over substantial areas of their body frequently have to contend with disfiguring scarring. For a more confident and radiant patient, our surgeons and specialists work with innovative technology and equipment to provide the most advanced aesthetics, beauty, and wellness treatments possible” Siti Tettie Mohyi explained.

Source: Healthcare Asia Magazine

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