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April 28, 2021

Taking patient-centred care to new heights

Avisena Group in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia over the past years has expanded and now operates two full-fledged hospitals; Avisena Specialist Hospital & Avisena Women’s and Children’s Specialist Hospital. Their journey of excellence is evidenced by patient experience performance equalling the best in the world.

Avisena’s mission to reach out to customers on a personal level with premium and compassionate treatment was unlocked through obtaining patient feedback experience. Avisena engaged Press Ganey to independently validate that care and services were meeting this mission and compares favourably to the best hospitals in the world. Initial assessments revealed that the hospital was performing at the 30th percentile compared to over 1,500 international hospitals, which motivated their call to action to finetune and implement best practices.

“Every day Avisena Women’s and Children’s Hospital receives many positive comments from patients who tell us we are doing a great job. The aim of the improvement project was about addressing any areas of concern while maintaining good communication with patients and families to ensure that the best care/experience is provided and that care is delivered within a framework of patient-centredness”.

Customer Experience Team

Best practice strategies

Avisena Academy

A foundation of the improvement was the central collection of data and upskilling of staff, achieved through the development of Avisena Academy. Training modules were designed based on the data collected.


Patients see many healthcare professionals during a hospital experience. So, teamwork is paramount. A practice of briefing of nurse managers before ward rounds regarding patient details and condition was instigated.


To instil confidence for patients & families, particularly in communicating the high skill level of the nursing staff – competency audits, bed site teaching and the managing up of nurses to patients & families were implemented.


Patient feedback and internal audits brought a need for the improved admissions management through bed status reporting. SMS communications and a focus on communicating any delays were implemented.


The quality and patient experience improvement project at Avisena Women’s and Children’s Hospital has been a resounding success, as evidenced by patient feedback.

In twelve months the Hospital’s overall Inpatient comparative performance has progressed from the 30th percentile to the 89th percentile. In specific domains and items the improvement, based on the strategies implemented, has been even more evident.

To learn more about Avisena Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the initiatives they undertook to reach such great improvement outcomes, download the full case study below:

Insync Press Ganey patient case study – Avisena Women’s & Children’s Specialist Hospital Malaysia.

Source: Insync.com.au

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