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Rooms & Rates

Making your stay as pleasant as possible with patient-focused rooms

We’re the first hospital in Malaysia to adopt the “Miami Valley Hospital Concept” in design, resulting in rooms that are uniquely laid out for greater comfort and safety, with thoughtful touches that you may not notice at a glance.

Our beds are angled to face the windows, while the windows are made intentionally large to allow more natural light into our rooms. This can help with your well-being and positive state of mind.

Top tier rooms designed for the ultimate pampering

Relax and recuperate in comfort, amidst elegantly appointed decors and a complete array of in-room conveniences.

Uniquely themed and generously appointed for a memorable stay

Beautifully furnished and made as homely as possible. Choose from the harmonious ambience of our executive rooms or our Jungle, Carnival, Ocean and Floral-themed single and double-bedded units.

Advanced, special care rooms

Special conditions call for specific spaces dedicated to help you recover and regain your health, with round the clock monitoring from our team.

*All rates quoted are subject to revisions regularly by Avisena Healthcare Sdn Bhd