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Child Development

Comprehensive assessment focused on the needs of children and families

We specialise in evaluating, diagnosing and taking the necessary intervention to help children with special needs. Children that demonstrate learning difficulties or delayed development of motor skills can benefit from our family-centred approach, as we believe strongly in the involvement of parents for support.

You will be in good hands as our interdisciplinary team of professionals are well-versed in developmental, emotional, behavioural conditions or disorders.

Together, we can uncover their true potential

Using a coordinated, multi-disciplinary approach, we can understand and share insights on factors contributing to a child’s challenges and provide recommendations or treatment options to make targeted improvements.

You can also count on us for information and emotional support through the process. For added convenience, you can now schedule an appointment or get in touch us with us via WhatsApp:

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We offer an extensive range of child-focused, family-oriented services

Our services include:

  • Child development treatments / therapy
  • Clinical psychology
  • Audiology
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Dietetic consultation

Therapeutic environments, including:

  • Snoezelen Room for children with autism and other developmental disabilities
  • Children’s theatre
  • Sensory Integration Room (Kids gym)

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