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Dentistry Unit

Restoring confidence, one smile at a time

Our highly-skilled dental unit provides a full range of dental services designed for all age groups, from children to adults. We pride ourselves in providing the best possible dental care experience, delivered with utmost compassion and professionalism.

We’re equipped with the latest in skills, techniques and dentistry technology

From common treatments for cavities to complex oral surgeries and advanced implants, our team of oral surgeons will have you covered.

Our dedicated dental unit also comes complete with a child-friendly ambience, state-of-the-art diagnostic, imaging and surgical equipment.

This is further complemented by our trademark personalised service for a comforting and stress-free experience.

Our patients face different types risk factors, depending on ages and conditions

0-6 years old

Common oral health problems include:

  • Early childhood caries
  • Oral hygiene
  • Tongue-tie
  • Natal and neonatal teeth
  • Teething
  • Eruption problem
  • Non-nutritive sucking habits (pacifier/ thumb/finger sucking)
  • Dental trauma

Children with special needs

Common oral health problems include:

  • Poor oral health
  • Caries
  • Periodontal problem
  • Gingival overgrowth
  • Developmental defects of enamel
  • Hypo/Hyperdontia
  • Malocclusion
  • Dental trauma

Treatment options for children include:

  • Monitor oral and dental development
  • Prevention and management of tooth decay
  • Management of orofacial trauma
  • Hospital dentistry/paediatric dental specialist on calls
  • Emergency dental cases-trauma and facial swelling
  • Treatment under nitrous oxide inhalation sedation
  • Treatment under general anaesthesia
  • Management of non-nutritive sucking habits (pacifier/ thumb/finger sucking)
  • Tongue-tie release (frenotomy/frenectomy)

Maternal patients (during pregnancy)

Common oral health problems include:

  • Pregnancy gingivitis
  • Increased risk of tooth decay
  • Pregnancy oral tumors

Treatment options for maternal patients:

  • Oral hygiene care throughout pregnancy
  • Management of gum disease
  • Prevention and management of tooth decay

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Our specialists are always willing to go the extra mile

Dental treatments or check-ups for children with special needs present a unique set of challenges, one that requires patience and genuine passion to help young patients.

Click the video to watch our consultant, Dr. Sharifah, at work and view the ambience of our unit that’s designed to delight our patients.

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