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Complete oral care for holistic well-being

More than just a healthy smile, our dentistry unit delivers complete oral health solutions catering specifically to children. Oral health is an essential part of a child’s overall well-being and you can count on our team, comprising experienced paediatric dentists, orthodontists and surgeons, to deliver committed care with the latest know-hows, innovative techniques and dental technology.

Committed to deliver a seamless and painless experience

Visits to the dentist can be unsettling for your child, and as such, we want to make the experience as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. Our doctors are also uniquely equipped to handle children with special needs.

Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentistry focuses on providing comprehensive diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures for children from infancy through adolescence. This includes children with special needs such as those with medical conditions, learning impairments and physical disabilities.

Our key focus is on the prevention of dental problems and this involves educating young patients and their parents on proper oral hygiene as well as the importance of regular check-ups.

Our specialists are equipped to provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Dental examinations
  • Cleanings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Fillings
  • Counselling on oral hygiene
  • Consultation on diet to promote healthy teeth and gums.

Dental aesthetics

This is the branch of dentistry that focuses on improving the overall appearance of a person’s teeth by enhancing structure and shape. The ultimate goal is to restore self-esteem and an aesthetically pleasing smile by addressing issues such as:

  • Tooth discoloration
  • Misalignment
  • Missing teeth

Oral maxillofacial surgery

This procedure focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders or defects affecting the face, mouth and jaw. It can help to permanently improve oral functions and appearance. Considering its complexity, it is typically performed by a highly trained dental surgeon.

Procedures performed by oral maxillofacial surgeons include:

  • Removal of wisdom teeth
  • Corrective jaw surgery (overbite, underbite and jaw misalignment)
  • Dental implant surgery (to support replacement teeth)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer

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