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Our Specialists / Dr Esa Kamaruzaman

Our Specialists

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Dr Esa Kamaruzaman

Consultant Anaesthesiologist (Visiting)

Credentials: MD (USM), M.Med Anaes (UKM)

Specialty: Anaesthesiology

Languages Spoken: English, Bahasa Malaysia

Specialist Background

Dr. Esa received his Doctor of Medicine from Science University of Malaysia in 2001 and Master of Medicine in Anaesthesiology at University Kebangsaan Malaysia in 2009. He has joined the Academy of Medicine (Life long member) in 2012.

As an Anaesthesiologist, Dr. Esa is experienced in managing Anaesthesiologist & Critical Care cases. He has several research projects to his name.

He has vast experience in managing colorectal patient’s anaesthetic care.

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