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Our Specialists / Dr Loganathan Athanari

Our Specialists

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Dr Loganathan Athanari

Consultant ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon (Visiting)

Credentials: MBBS (INDIA), MS (ORL-HNS) (UM), FAAO-HNS (USA)

Specialty: Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Languages Spoken: English, Bahasa Malaysia

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Specialist Background

Received his Master in Head & Neck Surgery (ENT) from UM in 2004. He was an ENT surgeon in Klang and Seremban General Hospital and worked as a lecturer in UM Medical Centre before leaving for private practice.

Prior to joining our hospital in 2010 he was a resident consultant in Kelana Jaya Medical Centre.

He provides consultant and surgical services for all ENT and Head & Neck related diseases including Head & Neck Cancers and parotid diseases.

His special skill is in Minimally Invasive Rhinology and Head & Neck Cancer Management.

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